Are you an investor looking for property management?

Team TLC is here to help you! We take the stress out of investing and property management.

We have a system of tailoring homes to investors to meet their goals in building a diverse portfolio.

Once you have purchased an investment property Team TLC will:

  • Market home to find potential tenants
  • Pre-screen each applicant before showing property
  • Review all applications and send the very best in for security checks which include background, criminal, sexual offender, credit and  job/income. The investor will receive a report with professional advice to help them with the decision making process to select tenants.

Once tenant is accepted Team TLC will:

  • Request draft lease from our preferred leasing attorneys
  • Meet with both parties to review lease and answer all questions before parties sign
  • Collect security deposit/s and deposit them on behalf of owner/investor
  • Coordinate initial walk-thru with tenant, collect prorated rent, pet fees and first month's rent depositing for our client in their bank

When tenant is in place Team TLC will:

  • Manage the property. We'll keep the owner apprised of all issues and get their authorization before any work is done
  • Contract with our preferred vendors whose work we know and trust. We have a list of vendors to help with maintenance and repairs as well as an in house handyman?
  • Coordinate with tenant and contractor for work to be done
  • Manage property for the entirety of the lease

We also do lease renewals and help with evictions (although we've never had one). We partner with a Florida attorney for lease with privileges.

Learn more about Team TLC's Property Management

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