What Does a Buyers Agent Do?

So let us be your advocate and biggest fan as you search for your next home!

Take a look at this week video as we’ll be talking about a question that we’re asked all the time, what does the buyer’s agent do?

  1. They’ll negotiate on your behalf for your best interest. They’re gonna get you the best deal with the best possible terms and hook you up with all the right people. So when you need a great finance person, a great home inspector, or vendors to make repairs or get estimates, they’re gonna know who to call and they’re gonna help you out and hook you up.
  2. They’re free, so why wouldn’t you use one! You need to find one that’s experience and good and that has lots of experience in the area that you’re going to purchase in. Buyers’ agents will also introduce you to a plethora of homes in the market that you’re interested in that you may not even be aware are available, including new construction.
  3. Advocate for you. During the process of buying a home, there are lots of peaks and valleys that go on and some of it, you really want someone on your side. For example, after you negotiate the deal and you get a great contract going and you do your home inspection, and if the home inspector finds something wrong with the home, you need to go back to the seller and maybe ask for them to make some repairs or give some kind of credit. That’s something else a buyer’s agent.
  4. With you from starting your search to handing you the keys. They will be with you from the beginning of the process with getting pre-qualified to searching for the home to showing you homes to the home inspection, the appraisal, all the aspects from A to Z, all the way to the closing table and final walkthrough. So you really wanna hire a buyer’s agent when you’re searching for a home and our company is very happy to help you with that.

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