Ukulele Brand’s Land O Lakes restaurant

Check out our newest video on one of our favorite spots in Land O Lakes!

Hi we are Tim and Lisa Carroll with Team TLC and Mihara & Associates. We’re gonna take you on a tour today of one of our favorite Land O’ Lakes restaurants.

One of our favorite Land O’ Lakes little gems, this restaurant, Ukulele Brand’s has great food, great music, great drinks, and a great, great view as you can see, right here on the lake.

The food is great. They have healthy food selections, as well as great hamburgers. And it comes in a guitar ukulele basket. Yeah, cool place. Definitely, a place to visit

They have every kind of band you can think of – blues, rock n’ roll, sometimes country, cover bands – performing. A lot going on. They have an open mic night on Monday nights, too. A lot of people attend.

I think they have trivia night too, which I’m terrible at, but Tim swears he’s gonna come up and win the trivia contest. It’s Tuesday night.

Make plans to stop by soon. And give us a call and we’ll meet you there!

Tim & Lisa Carroll, Team TLC – Mihara & Associates


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