Tampa's pizza better than NYC and Chicago!

Thin crust? Deep dish? White? Neapolitan? The works?

When it comes to the best pizza cities in America, you might be surprised where Tampa ranks. According to Any Time Estimate, Tampa is among the top 15 "Best Pizza Cities in America," and is the highest-ranking city in the state of Florida! Dough-licious!

The city has a pizza restaurant every 1.75 miles, 38% better than the average city studied. Tampa also has 4.3 independent pizza restaurants per 100,000 residents — seventh-most of the cities measured.

Fans of Tampa pizza must have an affinity for the Mediterranean, as the city ranks No. 4 in search interest for Greek pizza (thanks Tarpon Springs!) and No. 5 in interest for Neapolitan pizza.

The top 15 cities in the ranking are:

  1. Detroit
  2. Cleveland
  3. Columbus
  4. Boston
  5. Pittsburgh
  6. Indianapolis
  7. Providence
  8. St. Louis
  9. Philadelphia
  10. Norfolk
  11. Baltimore
  12. Tampa
  13. Minneapolis
  14. Chicago
  15. Nashville

Agree or disagree?

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