New residents flocking to Florida

Florida is gaining new residents at a high rate. A recent nationwide survey by found that more than 31 percent of clients were looking to move to a different metro area in April and May. And in the top 10 …. Tampa, Miami, Orlando and Cape Coral!

Homebuyer interest in relocating remains elevated above pre-pandemic levels. And that means home prices are rising rapidly in the most popular destinations. In three out of the five top-growing metros, the median home-sale price is growing faster than it is nationwide. And with the exception of Las Vegas, prices are higher than the $377,000 national median.

Top 10 Metros of destinations?
1             Phoenix, AZ       
2             Las Vegas, NV   
3             Sacramento, CA
4             Austin, TX           
5             Miami, FL     
6             Dallas, TX   
7             Atlanta, GA       
8             Tampa, FL         
9             Orlando, FL       
10           Cape Coral, FL   

Expensive cities are losing residents

New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Denver are the places people most commonly looked to leave in May.

Big, expensive cities tend to top the list of places people are leaving, and they typically move to more affordable areas. For instance, Sacramento is the top destination for people leaving San Francisco, and Phoenix is the top destination for people leaving Seattle. Where are the top 10 places people are leaving from?

1             New York, NY    
2             San Francisco, CA
3             Los Angeles, CA
4             Washington, DC
5             Denver, CO        
6             Chicago, IL         
7             Seattle, WA       
8             Milwaukee, WI 
9             Boston, MA       
10           Detroit, MI         

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