Moving with pets

You’ve got your packing list ready, your movers are booked and you’ve forwarded your mail. But do you have a plan for your pets?

For many of us, our fur and feather babies are an extension of our family. Our kids. So don’t forget these important family members when moving day arrives! Most of our pets are creature of habit – they’ll tell you when it’s time to eat and they have a favorite place to “water” when out on a walk.

Having a well-laid plan for your pets will help you worry less and make moving a happier, easier transition for everyone.

Moving with pets

Here are 5 tips to make a move with your pet easier:

  • Get your pet used to packing supplies and boxes
  • Keep a comfortable, secluded space for your pet especially during showings of current home
  • Request veterinary records and bring with you as you establish care at a new clinic. Reach out to us for recommendations as our team is pet-friendly. Also remember to update your pet’s tag/chip with new address
  •  Inform yourself of pet laws if you’re moving to a new city. Also make sure you check HOA restrictions for breeds, numbers of pets, etc.
  •  Pack a separate emergency moving bag for your pet. And make a safe spot for your pet in your vehicle. If you’re moving across the state, make sure you plan pet-friendly accommodations


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