Moving to a new house

You found the home of your dreams. Now comes the packing. Here are a few tips to make the process easier.

4-6 weeks before move

  • Arrange for moving company or rental truck. If necessary reserve a storage unit
  • Buy packing supplies including boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, blankets and markers
  • If you have school-age children, find out registration requirements for the new school
  • Research doctors for your family and a veterinarian if you have a family pet
  • Packing: Pack out of season clothes, books and other items that aren’t everyday essentials.

When you have a move-in date

  • Confirm date with moving company. If you are moving from a rental, ask landlord when security deposit will be returned
  • Arrange cleaning of both new and old place, if needed
  • Unless you're planning to paint the home yourself, hire a painter to complete job before you move in
  • Contact utilities (including electric, water and cable) to make sure utilities are switched to you on move-in day
  • Contact your current utilities with shutoff date or transfer to new residence
  • Change your address with the post office so your mail can be forwarded
  • Call you insurance provider to update policy to new location (including car if moving from another area)
  • Packing. Start using up food in your fridge and pantry so it doesn’t need to be moved or thrown out. Pack

2 weeks before move

  • Start packing seldom used kitchen items, books, home décor items, electronics, etc. Pack all clothes except what is needed for a week. Pretend like you are going on vacation. You can wash as needed so get as much packed as possible.
  • Donate any unneeded items to local charities. Keep receipts for tax deductions
  • If moving to another state or city, cancel memberships to gyms or local facilities
  • If moving a distance, have your car serviced
  • If you have children, arrange for childcare on moving day

1 week before move

  • Stock up on medication and prescriptions. Make sure you have information needed to transfer prescriptions to local pharmacy
  • Pack an “essentials” suitcase (better than another box!) with items you will need immediately when you arrive at your new home including cleaning supplies, toilet paper, toiletries, shower curtain and towels, air mattress and sheets if you will have to stay in the house before your furniture arrives, small toolbox, scissors or box cutter, water and snacks
  • Pack up the kitchen and other last minute essentials
  • After the move
  • Replace the door locks
  • Set up a security system
  • Check smoke alarms and change the batteries
  • Set up service for pest control and pool and lawn maintenance
  • Get a driver’s license with your new address
  • Register children for school
  • Register your car at the new address
  • Forward your medical records to your new doctors
  • Set up a new bank account, if your old bank doesn’t have a location near you
  • Find your new voting location and register to vote
  • Enjoy your new house!


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