Moving from CA to FL

Considering a move from CA to FL? You and everyone else. Nearly 10% of those moving to FL are coming from CA. In 2020, 167 people moved into Florida for every 100 who left. In 2021, that number surged to 210 inbound residents for every 100 who left, meaning more than twice as many people moved into the state than left it.

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Redfin recently announced the 7 cities people are moving away from. No surprise most are in California. And where are they moving to? Miami and TAMPA. Yep, Tampa Bay at the top of the list again.

What do Californians (or anyone really!) need to know to relocate to Florida?

Here's a 4 part series with a California real estate agent and our own Lisa Carroll. Learn about:

  • typical homes and neighborhoods in Tampa
  • range of prices of homes in Tampa
  • HOA and CDD fees
  • Florida schools
  • Traffic in Tampa
  • Business opportunities in Tampa Bay
  • Our favorite things about living in Tampa

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