Fred Howard Park and Beach

Fred Howard Park and Beach


Hi there my name is Roza Vahedi and I'm a realtor with Team TLC Mihara and Associates. I wanted to show you Fred Howard Beach because this is one of the best spots in my town that I would love to tell you more about and if you followed me this way I'll show you more.

So I live exactly 10 miles from this park, Fred Howard Beach, and I like to bike and roller blade up here sometimes. And what's great about this place is also that you can rent the kayaks, the canoes.

You also have some parks at the end of the drive here where you can rent spaces and you can have parties, it's great for kids. You can bring your animals to that part of the park but past here, you're unfortunately not allowed to bring dogs on the beach but it is a beautiful beach and it's great out here. 

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